”The Challenge Manager.“


Management Consultant and Ambassador of the Shaolin Temple

Robert Egger is neuro physicist, technical physicist and chemist. For more than 20 years he has been dealing with various Asian philosophies. He is a Shaolin Qi Gong teacher and CEO of Shaolin Austria. As a successful management trainer, Egger consults numerous companies and organizations in the Shaolin philosophy. His focuses are on the development of executive staff, the effectiveness and efficiency optimization of employees, management staff and organizations, the neuro leadership, the development of communication capabilities, health and capacity as well as the development of mindfulness.

He is also a national and international keynote speaker and consultant focused on the economy and politics, and works for the academy of the economic senate. He also acts as a lecturer at the Vienna International Academy for Integral Medicine.

Egger published several Shaolin books. In 2017, his latest works ”Dynamic Fascias,“ was released by Springer International Publishing AG.